May 15, 2021

10 Best Birthday Gift For Boyfriend + Tips!

Welcome to The Everyday Men. First, let me express my gratitude for choosing to visit this blog post among all the gazillion options available. 

You’re here today looking for options and probably the “one-hit wonder” birthday gift for your boyfriend, am I right? (If You don’t need the tips just scroll down and skip all this insight and see what are the top 10 I recommend.)

Well, to be honest-

There is no magic formula here but a simple observation about him. Buying a present for men can be daunting and frustrating.

It is even worse if you bought one that is expensive only to see him let it sit on the shelf for eons. This will demotivate you to buy gifts at all on his next birthday. 

I want to share with you a few tips in identifying what gifts he needs immediately and where you can find them immediately. 

And trust me, a 100+ suggestion isn’t going to make your life any easier when choosing a gift for your boyfriend.

It is only going to make the searching even harder to do. 

Without further ado, let’s get started on how to identify the best birthday gift for your boyfriend.


1. Things He Carries Everyday


The things he wants are simple and easy to use. It is usually something he carries everyday. It can be anything but here is a list of what are the most carried things by men:

  • watch 
    • New Watch Strap or
    • custom leather-made strap to up his watch game.
  • wallet 
    • New Wallet, with personalization.
  • keys
    • Keychain,
    • Key Cover,
    • A Custom Metal photo frame of you & him.
  • bracelet
    • matching bracelet,
    • customized name bracelet
  • earpod
    • earpod cover/sleeve
  • socks
    • super childish socks,
    • funny socks,
    • heck let’s make ham sap looking socks hahaha
  • tie
    • custom tie,
    • personalized tie,
    • designer tie
  • phone
    • slick phone cover
    • got$ New phone,
    • no$Xphone,
    • leather cover phone
  • and the list goes on and on. 


Now, these are all the potential gifts you can get him We are already done with the identification of what to get him. (See, didn’t I tell you it was easy peasy to find what to get)


2. Identify WHAT He Needs immediately


To know what he wants now, all you need to do is just look at how worn out the things he carries are. Here is a little story that just recently happened.

It was my birthday, she notices my fanny pack was super worn out and it had blisters everywhere, and honestly, as a guy, I couldn’t care less how bad it looks too. She got me a new one. I was super happy and stoked about it. I got a new bag, the inner slots are even roughly the same so I don’t have to rearrange all of my compartment to fit. 

So this here should already tell you that this gift for me was considered the perfect gift at the time. It was something I carried everyday, and it is also something that was super worn out. Using this simple strategy(Yes buying gifts for your boyfriend is a strategy game. “don’t play play”).

This will help most of the people reading this because the excuse that “he owns everything” is dismissed. he might own everything but those things will break down or wear off after use. It needs a refurbish, a replacement, or a repair. 

So let’s do a quick recap. 

  1. One, Identify what he uses and carries every day to work, to the gym, to church. 
  2. Two, which one of these things he brings along is super worn out

Also, keep in mind, something that is old and something that is worn out is different. Worn out needs repair and bought a new. Old could mean it has sentimental value that’s why he keeps it. 

Now instead of a list of 57 products you can buy, The following are 10 Most bought birthday gifts for boyfriend I can share that people buy through The Everyday Men.

Top 10 Most Popular Birthday Gift For Boyfriend

Personalized 17oz LED Vacuum Stainless Steel Thermal Flask (Twin Set)


Inner & Outer Fragz


Align.Co Genuine Leather Dopp Kit (Free Name Embossing)


Eco Man


DEERS Pamper Bloom gift set


Nature Eyes Faune Dark Brown Sunglass


Gift Box Basic – Essentials & Delights


Breakfast Set

Get 3 Pairs and Get FREE Shipping.


Customized Paracord Bracelet

Mix and Match Colors to Make a Unique Design


The KingsLanding


by The Everyday Admin


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