March 24, 2020

10 Coronavirus Outbreak Activities To Do At Home

Ever since the world has gone sort of haywire due to the covid 19 outbreak many earthlings have been forced or warn to stay at home until the outbreaks calm down. I know for sure many who stayed at home could be having a hard time not going out and in need of activities to keep yourselves occupied. Some are constantly on the news to look at the latest events and some are just on the couch munching away chips with Netflix. However, Here I would like to share with you there is a lot more to do than the usuals. These activities are good for a wide variety of people to do and at least 1 or 2 is great for some people. Here goes with the list.

1. Learn a New Skill Through Online Courses.

There are so many online courses online you can learn new things. Maybe take up a course on coding and work on how to create your calculator app. You could even take the virtual course that can boost your current work portfolio so after the outbreak is over you can get re-evaluated for an increment. I was looking into learning how to do blacksmithing. I know its like 21st century why? Seriously I thought it is a nice skill to have. looking at how Covid19 is playing out who knows when zombies are coming next.

2. Commit to a Routine Excercise

You can finally take that new year’s resolution seriously for the days you have at home. Go google “beginners work out routine at home” you will be greeted with an endless solution for this. Pick something super easy to get started and stick to it. Here are some of the things from the top of my head you can immediately get started: jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. While working from home we committed to doing 10 of each 3 times a day before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

3. Think about Your Life Goals

With how work and social life always such a disturbance in our life we fall short of contemplating our life goals. Take this chance to dive deep into what you would love to do. Think about what is your true calling, what are you passionate in? Me? I want to curate the most amazing gifts for the guy so you don’t need to have a hard time finding something for him when the time comes.

4. Pick Up on Finance

Due to the Coronavirus, Saudi and Russia fighting about oil, and the recent trade wars between China and the USA, and not so long ago HongKong Rebellion of a bill that could potentially strip them of their freedom of rights. All these continue cases are contributing to a very soon recession. Normally We learn about finance in books and from history classes However, If you are above 21 this is a good chance to learn and see everything first hand. the Stock market is doing free falls. It is the best time to learn about them and buy them when they are cheap. I am not an investment guru or a financial consultant but upon reading Warren Buffet’s biography came to understand in this quote he says “Never invest in a business you cannot understand.” For me I like Disney and I believe many of you reading this loves Disney as well. Right now Their Stocks are more than half. If you like to learn and open a trading account You can Register with Etoro and get USD50 when you deposit USD200(if you do sign up I will thank you in advance because I will also get USD50, Now I can buy more Disney Stocks)

5. Reconnect with Long Lost Friends

Do you have friends from primary or secondary school that you haven’t been in contact with? This is a good time to hit them up and ask how they are doing? amidst the outbreak, I think this would be a good time to catch up on what is going on in their life.

6. Read Up on Some Books

There are plenty of books to read maybe some you bought from the Big Bad Wolf book sale. I personally bought an accumulated 10 books each time I visit. However, am too also left them on the shelf to the dust monster to consume them. Among the 10 books, I buy each time I probably read about half of them. Take this time at home to finish the books you bought.

7. Family Bonding

With a busy life, everyone leads every day how often do you spend time with family? The only time most families ever spend time with each other is usually the dinner table. Other than eating together there is nothing else they do together. Play board games, card games, watch classic movies like Merry Poppins. Or better yet dive into the past and ask about how mom and dad met each other.

8. Massive Home Cleaning

There is no better time to seriously clean up the house. With the seriousness of the virus, everything that you have ever touch needs to be wiped clean and sanitize.

9. Cook Something to Perfection

Repetition could be the simplest way to perfection. By doing the same thing over and over again could results in better results. As you keep doing and refining you can ultimately master your art of cooking. There is plenty of time. However, keep it to maybe 1 meal a day because if you cook the same food 3 meals a day your audience might not survive the outbreak.

10. Start Looking for Gifts For Him

At The Everyday Men, we find and curate gifts that are perfect for guys. If you would like something more traditional like a belt, tie or wallet we have it here with us. Or do you want us to surprise you and your love ones? Then go for our gift box sets. The next big day will fall on Sunday, 21st June 2020. That’s Father’s Day in Malaysia this 2020.


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