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Customized Gift Box

A Guide to Sending Him a Surprise Custom Gift

An Introduction

Imagine that his next big day is coming up, and you just didn’t have the time to get him a very good gift. It is not your fault that you didn’t get him one nor is it because you didn’t care. It was probably more because you couldn’t decide which is the best. In today’s world with all the clutter of choices this can be a challenge not to be dismiss so easily. However, at The Everyday Men we try our best to assist you on that. In the sea of gifts you could get for him, we already hand picked some that are more meaningful and a touch of uniqueness so he wouldnt feel like it was such a generic gift that guys would receive. Now with us we also want to let you combine and customzied that gifts for him. Within our collection you can already find the most suitable but now you will also be able to combine them. Bellow is a step by step guide to assist you on getting him this customized gift box for him.

What you’ll Need

Find The Gift
Get the Add-On Service
Deliver to Us
Sit Back and Relax
Wait for His Call

Process Time


Step 1

Find the gifts that you think is best suited for him. At The Everyday Men we also categories what to gift him based on who is receiving. Whether it is your father, boyfriend, grandfather we have you covered. Once you found what you want please proceed to checkout the products you would like.

Step 2

Great I see you found what you have in mind. On top of the items you want you also need to add on the service you need on our customized gift box product page. When you have added this into your cart as well and given fill up the neccesary information it is time to checkout. At checkout instead of sending all these items to your own address please send them to us so we can proceed to provide the service you have added-on after you chose the items you want to gift him.

Step 3

We start put everthing together once we receive the products from all the seller of their products. Sprinkle some magic here and there and voilà. Everything is ready we will send you a snapshot before we make the delivery.

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