Frequently Asked Questions

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Standard Gift Box

Why is it Standard?

Although this is just a standard gift box, you are still getting the best bang for you buck.

When to choose Standard?

Low on Cash? Need a gifts asap? have little to no idea what to gift him. Choose our Standard Gift Box.

Premium Gift Box

Premium? What's the difference?

When it comes to premium you can expect it to really stand out. assuming you have extra cash to spend this will be the best choice.

Premium surely better right?

Although we don’t discriminate between our two products, but nicer things really show how much more effort you are willing to express.

Got free delivery mah?

Note : this hidden promo only available for people who have actually visited our FAQ and found this Promo.
Note : I might take this promo out anytime. Who knows, May the force be with you.


Got free… only during promotion period or when I’m song lo. But other time no, truly Sorry. However, since these few days I mood is good, got lah. simply our website on your Facebook. and remember to FB msg us “Thanks you for your good will.”

This charity is only available in KL and PJ area only. Finish msg, but don’t know when to delivery? No Problem, screen shot this chat and claim it next time when you need to order from us.