May 26, 2022

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2022

Father’s Day is June 19 and it will be here before your eyes. There are many great gifts that you can buy your dad, but one gift is certain to be a hit. It’s obvious that Dad has spent years splurging on you. Now it’s time for him to be lavished with luxury gifts that he will love. He’d appreciate the practical gift, but this is the right time to spoil this man who rarely spoils his own self.

This gift guide contains thoughtful gifts we have tested and loved. We are confident he will love them too. You can find gifts for outdoorsy types, stylish dads, music lovers, and guys who like to play with cool toys every now and again.

Continue reading to discover our selections of the best Father’s Day gifts for 2022.


Credits to Divoom

Divoom Pixoo – A retro smart display

Although the RM599 price tag is a little steep, the Divoom Pixoo display, which is stylish and well-built, has a lot of retro charm. The Pixoo displays all kinds of useful information on rotation, such as the local time and weather, stock ticker, sports scores and event reminders, as well the nearest subway station.

The LED matrix lights make the pictures look very whimsical. This is all part of Divoom’s throwback charm, and it will look great on Dad’s desk.



Credits to Ekster

Ekster Parliament wallet – For spying, a cash and card carrier

The Parliament leather wallet by Ekster is elegant, sophisticated, and well-designed. For quick and easy access to credit cards and other plastic, the button can be pushed out. The wallet is protected by an aluminum case that makes it stiff. However, it can slide easily into a jacket pocket and front pants pocket.

The Parliament comes in eight colors. If Dad tends to lose his wallet from time to time, you can add a trackercard.



Credits to Fitbit

FitBit Charge 5 – To maintain his health.

A health and fitness tracker is a great way to keep track of your suspect dead’s goals. After testing each model, CNET’s Jessica Rendall chose this midrange model as the best for “collecting data, while being comfortable, simple to use (no buttons), and easy to see outside in the sun, all at an affordable price.”



Coffee Cup Personalized

Sometimes, the most cliché gifts are there for a reason. Although this isn’t the most unique gift in human history, he will love it with his spouse, children, grandchildren, or dog. Me’Co makes it possible online, starting at RM89.

The Everyday men


closca helmet foldable
Credit to Closca

Closca Foldable Bike Helmet – Easy to carry, safe, and stylish

Although bicycle helmets are great, they can be cumbersome to transport before and after a ride. The helmet folds up and collapses into itself to protect the dome. It can also be stored in a backpack.



Taps Beer Bar

A group of cousins set out to find the best beers in Malaysia and opened Taps Beer Bar. Taps Beer Bar was founded in December 2011.

Craft beer is the name of the game, but better beer is the goal.

Taps Beer Bar rotates its beers regularly to offer variety and access to a wide range of high-quality craft beers. We have served more than 800 different beers to date, which includes some of the best craft beers available.

Every beer is unique, and reflects the passion and creativity of the brewer as well as the complexity of the ingredients. This is not the case with commercialized beer.

These are the results The results? There are no slogans or gimmicks. Just better beer.


credit to Aaxatech

AAXA Pico Projector – Small projector that packs big power

A projector is one the greatest gifts I have ever received. If Pops enjoys shooting action movies or live concerts, there is no better way to make them pop than with a projector. The projector is portable and compact so it can be taken on vacation or set up outside for movie nights. It also meets the benchmark for image resolution that we expect from a projector: 1080p.



Naturehike Double hammock – Portable relaxation enhancer

The Naturehike Double hammock can be used in both a backwoods camp or a backyard. The hammock is big enough to accommodate Dad and one, or perhaps two, pint-sized companions. However, it must not exceed 500 pounds. It’s made from lightweight ripstop nylon and can be thrown in any backpack or daybag.



Jabra Elite 75t – AirPods Pro have better audio quality

Jabra’s Elite 75t headphones have a better sound quality than AirPods Pro. They are more precise and louder than AirPods Pro. The buds also have volume controls.

Shopee Lazada  


Google Nest Wifi Mesh Router – Get more Wi-Fi

A strong Wi-Fi signal is vital for many who will be working or studying from home in the future. Google Nest Wifi offers fast performance, beautiful aesthetics, and doubles up as a Google Assistant smart speakers. It is easy to set-up, use, and rely on. We believe it to be the best option for upgrading your home network.

Shopee Lazada  


DJI Mavic Air 2 – Airborne fun for Dad

DJI’s Mavic Air 2 drone delivers all you need: a 30-minute flight time, a range of 6 miles, and safety features such as high-quality obstacle avoidance or air traffic alerts. The camera hardware is also legit: This drone can take 48-megapixel photos at 48 frames per second and 4K video at 60 frames.



Leatherman Bond – The all in 1 Dad

The Leatherman Bond multitool is the most spy-agent-esque product that the company makes. The stainless-steel Bond folds up very small compared to bulkier options, but packs a lot of utility. It includes a pair of wire cutters and pliers as well as 12 other tools that can be used in an emergency.



iRobot Roomba j7 – Loving is clean

There are robot vacuums out there that will move around your house picking up debris. Then again, there are also options such as the iRobot Roomba J7 which can intelligently avoid pet accidents and can sweep up all that debris. Although the robovac does not have the self-emptying dock found in the more expensive j7 Plus model it offers almost two hours of battery life as well as the same features.



Hori Split Pad Pro – Gaming Dads

Hori’s Split Pad Pro is a great replacement for Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers. The Nintendo Switch feels more like a console controller when in handheld mode thanks to its ergonomic design. It has full-sized buttons, analog sticks, triggers, and buttons. However, they are not wireless-compatible so should only be used while connected to the Switch.



Apple Watch SE – Stylish is in Season for dads

Apple Watch SE is the culmination of Apple’s most important smartwatch features and design elements. It typically costs less than the new model. You can also choose from a variety of straps, in both 40mm and 44mm sizes.



Coleman Camping Stove – at home or in the great outdoor

It can be difficult to choose the right camp stove. But Coleman’s budget-friendly model makes it easy and is built to last. This rugged, propane-fueled stove has two burners but no igniter. It cooks evenly and can be folded into a briefcase for when you’re ready to go.



Zendure A8PD – Keeping Dad connected with battery all the time

Zendure’s A8PD power bank is compact and powerful at 100W. It contains a 26,800mAh lithium battery, five USB-C ports (two of which can charge at 30W), and an OLED panel that displays the charging speed for each port as well as the time it will take to recharge the A8PD.



Garmin Venu 2 Plus – Coolest Watch for dad who travels

Garmin’s Venu 2 Plus smartwatch features its signature fitness tracking and GPS. It also has a speaker and microphone that can respond to voice commands. Although it might look bulky on smaller wrists, the style and readability are easy on the eyes. It has a longer battery life than most smartwartches and can last for more than 10 days.



Sony LinkBuds – Listing just got an upgrade for dad

Sony’s LinkBuds wireless earbuds are unique. They have an open design that allows you to hear outside sounds and mixes them with your own audio. These earbuds can also be used as a wireless earbud. They connect via Bluetooth, and have a futuristic design that will make Dad stand out.

Shopee Lazada  


Vincero Sunglasses – Slick shades

Sunglasses season is directly preceding Father’s Day, so he’ll be sure to get some use out of a stylish pair for Father’s Day. Vincero has many styles, but I prefer the Midway with its classic Wayfarer shape. They are available in four colors and they are reasonably priced considering their quality build.


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