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Red Wing’s type of limited release Irish Setter Boots has an extended background of quality design making unique and solid work wear. Because of this Fall’s release, they took the 6-inches Moc silhouette and formed one in Black Klondike leather.

The dark leather of the top has been developed as today’s duplication of Red Wing’s Black colored Chromium leather so popular in the 1980’s. Along with the brownish leather under the dark overcoat, time, wear, and scuff grades provides a multi-level cosmetic that provides every pair a person look. The silicone outsole is heat-resistant up to 745?F, and the boots are lined with non-woven nylon.

Built using Goodyear welt engineering, the Irish Setter boots feature leather laces, wedged feet, and a heavy-duty structure which makes them a fantastic choice to transport you through effort.


Red Wing Heritage Irish Setter Boots Gallery

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