Align.Co Genuine Leather Coasters (Set of 4)


  • High Quality Full-Grain Genuine Leather
  • Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 0.2 cm
  • Burnished ends
  • Available in brown, black and natural leather.
  • Handmade in Malaysia
  • Comes packaged in a kraft box that makes it perfectly ready for gifting!

Product Details

Doing our part to save tabletops one leather coaster at a time. Protect any desk or tabletop from a frosty mug or cup moist with condensation by using one of these. These full grain leather coasters will not only hold your favorite beverage, but also be a great accent piece to wherever you decide to put them. Each piece is meticulously selected, cut, and burnished for finishing. One really unique feature is that with time and usage, a distressed/ rustic patina will eventually develop on the leather, adding depth of colour to each piece.


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