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Drinking it fresh is the fastest way to get vitamins and mineral into your diet. The flavor of the juice will be random. This order you will receive 3 bags of random juice to our choices.

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What’s really great about drinking juice is that is can alleviate your mood. Each order comes in 3 random juice flavor of the day. We included will not know what flavor there is until shopping is done. However, for you will only know what you get after you receive. Don’t worry though every time we juice them it will always be fresh and best.

Material: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Delivery: Orders after 5pm will be the delivered the following day.

Refund Policy: We do not accept the refund as each other is personalized to customer’s requirements.


6 Reason to say Yes to Fresh Juice.

  1. Compare to whole raw fruits it is much easier to consume.
  2. Eating raw food is good. However, drinking juice fresh is just as good for the metabolism and absorption of the rich nutrient.
  3. Fresh mix juice is better than commercial juice as it not fresh. It might contain other ingredients you might not be aware of.
  4. Take them so you don’t have to rely too much on compress tablets of vitamin and mineral. The original fresh fruit is better than something that has been processed in a lab.
  5. Fresh juice will make you healthier and more energetic. If you follow a routine, results will surely follow
  6. There is so many fruits and vegetables available. Some you might like to eat some don’t. When you make drinks out of them you can to try a wider variety of each compared to if u have to eat them whole.


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