Oreo Crepe Mille Cake


🍰Order 2 Days in Advance
🍰Fresh Bake
🍰Less Sugar
🍰No Preservatives
🍰No Alcohol
🍰Lard Free
🍰9 inch

**Delivery to KL Only**

Product Details

Our story begins with a little boy who in his youthful frolic chanced upon an intense battle between culinary experts.

The spectacle lit a fire within the youth, driving him to make the fateful journey to the lovely seaside city of Biarritz in France.

With luck on this side, he was offered a spot to ply his training at ‘Les freres ibarboure’, a 2 Michelin-Star restaurant where he developed a passion for desserts all around (with a specific craving for crepe cakes).

With skills under his belt and a still burgeoning appetite for desserts, he decided to return home to Malaysia, bringing with him his passion and secret recipe in hopes of sharing with his fellow Malaysians the lovely world of crepe cakes……

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 6 cm


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