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Bowl: Briar Roots
Big Inner Bowl: 24mm X 34mm Depth
Shank: Bamboo
Tennon: Aluminium 2mm Non-Filtered
Stem: High-Grade Acrylic
Drought Hole : 3mm

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Product Details

Rhodeebam 450 was handmade by a local craftsman. This premium made collectible smoking pipe is crafted from Briar Roots, Buddha Bamboo, and high-grade acrylic stem.

RHODEEBAM 450 Pipe Material

Briar Roots – This wood is also known in French as bruyère, is extremely hard,  heat resistance and dense. With these properties, it will not affect the aroma of the tobacco when smoke. Making this one of the most suitable nature grown material for crafting the bowl of the pipe.
Buddha Bamboo – This is merely a decorative shank ornament for the handheld area of the smoke pipe. However, bamboo has become something the finest pipe makers often design around.

High-Grade Acrylic –  This material is well known for its durability, workability and the fact that unlike vulcanite this will not oxidize. Which makes this the perfect type of plastic material for the production of Stem or Tennon.


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